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Volunteering Has the Power to Change Lives

Volunteers give their time and talents to the service of others and derive a sense of fulfillment from their contributions to helping patients and their loved ones. Within the healing environment of the hospital, our volunteers become a vital part of the health care team and mission. Our staff, physicians and patients are deeply grateful for the generosity of our volunteers.

  • Variety of Opportunities
  • Invitations to Special Events
  • Free Meal Each Day You Volunteer
  • Free Flu Shot
  • 20% Discount in the Gift Shop

"Volunteering is a wonderful gift for others and yourself. You are helping people while receiving joy and satisfaction for a job well done."

- Louise B., 30 year Hillcrest Volunteer


Open Volunteer Positions

  • Book cart delivery volunteers offer reading materials and a smile to help ease the feeling of boredom which can coincide with a hospital stay. This small act of kindness will make a difference to patients and their families.

  • Registration volunteers welcome patients to our facilities, help them as they check in and assist them toward the correct department.

  • Patient visitor volunteers sit with our patients, chat with them, and become a comforting friend by their side for a few hours during their hospital stay. They check in on patients identified by the nursing staff as having few or no visitors.

  • Marketing services volunteers will assist with a variety of activities such as: greeting people at events and public speaking.

  • Mail delivery volunteers circulate throughout the hospital collecting and delivering mail to patients and staff.

  • Waiting area volunteers serve as a vital communication link between our patients’ friends and families and our staff members.

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