Burn Center

More than a million burn injuries in the United States each year require medical attention, while some burns are so severe that nearly 15,000 people die from the injuries or related infections. Hillcrest Medical Center is addressing these alarming statistics one patient at a time with expert care, leading-edge technology and prevention advocacy.

Home to the Alexander Burn Center, the state’s first burn center and a regional burn center since 1968, Hillcrest offers comprehensive burn treatment for minor burns to catastrophic injuries for patients of all ages. One of the most progressive burn centers in the country in areas of wound care, nutrition and pain management, it includes intensive care as well as a rapid-recovery unit for non-life-threatening burns.

Our staff is a close-knit team of experienced burn physicians, highly-trained registered nurses, burn technicians, physical and occupational therapists and other professional specialists. They commit their lives to helping patients recover and are passionate advocates of fire safety and burn prevention.

To contact the Alexander Burn Center please call (918) 579-4580.

Burn Prevention

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Oklahoma Firefighters’ Burn Camp’s Physicians, nurses and staff of Hillcrest Medical Center’s Alexander Burn Center volunteer each year at the Oklahoma Firefighter Burn Camp, a free week-long camp designed for children that are burn victims, or children that have any disfiguring injuries. In 2008, the camp’s 10th year, approximately 75 campers from all over Oklahoma and a few other states attended.

More than 100 counselors and volunteers ranging from firefighters, burn nurses, teachers and adult burn survivors participate. Oklahoma Firefighters’ Burn Camp is one of the top burn camps in the nation. For more information contact Burn Camp Director, Scotty Stokes: (918) 857-6351 or Jennifer Knowlton: (918) 698-8812, or mail to 4306 S. Peoria, Box 911, Tulsa, OK 74105. International Outreach

Several members of Hillcrest’s burn center team volunteered their time and talent when they traveled to Honduras in 2008 to help treat burn patients in the nation’s capital city hospital. The program, sponsored by Little Rock, Ark.-based Love Truth Care Ministries, assists hospitals in Honduras each year.

“They are about thirty years behind us,” said Wendi Slay, charge nurse at Hillcrest’s burn center. “I”ve been blessed with this talent and I love teaching others.”

For more information, email Wendi Slay at wslay@hillcrest.com.


Fires are a leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children in the United States. Click here to learn more about how to keep your children safe from the dangers of fire.

Deaths from fires and burns are the fifth most common cause of unintentional injury deaths in the United States and the third leading cause of fatal home injury. Click here for tips on reducing the risk of fire at home.