Wound Care Clinic

Living with Diabetes – When Dry, Itchy Skin Signals a Warning

When seasons change, you may notice other things changing like allergies, hydration, hair and skin texture, to name a few. For people living with diabetes, even slight changes in the skin can signal potential big problems. Damaging effects of the disease, like nerve damage, puts diabetics at an increased risk for developing a number of skin conditions.


Video: Inside the Wound Care Clinic at Hillcrest Medical Center

Today we are taking you inside the Wound Care Clinic at Hillcrest Medical Center and introducing you to some of the staff who care for patients with acute and chronic wounds. The clinic serves patients in an outpatient setting with a team including physicians with expertise in general surgery, internal medicine, and podiatry, as well as nurses and technicians who are specially trained in wound and ostomy care.


Wound Care Clinic

We are committed to providing exceptional care to our patients that need wound care on an outpatient basis. This is a much needed service in our community and this clinic is part of Hillcrest Medical Center’s commitment to providing the very best care to all in our community.


How does a vegetarian diet affect the healing of wounds?

An estimated 22.8 million Americans follow a largely vegetarian influenced diet, according to the 2008 report “Vegetarianism in America” published by Vegetarian Times. It appears most people make this decision to improve their overall health, with 53 percent of those surveyed stating health as the reason for choosing a vegetarian diet. However, could vegetarians be adversely affecting their health inadvertently by eliminating protein found in meat and chicken?