Inside Volunteer @ Hillcrest with Louise Bush

“Hillcrest Medical Center, how can I help you?” Louise Bush says with a comforting confidence as she answers the phone. “I started here on the information desk initially, 2 days a week – Thursdays and Fridays,” she explains. Over the last 27 years, Louise has given her time, compassion, understanding, and guidance to help patients and visitors at Hillcrest Medical Center as a volunteer. “People come in and some times they are terrified, because they are going to have a procedure or someone they love is going to have a procedure.


Volunteer @ Hillcrest

At Hillcrest, changing lives is not limited to our patients and healthcare providers. Our more than 525 volunteers are also changing lives: changing the spirits of a patient, the day of an employee and the life of a hospital - all by simply being there. With every smile, every conversation they begin, directions they give, paperwork they file, baby booties they knit, patient they transport, flower arrangement they design, and mail they deliver—our volunteers are leaving a unique imprint upon the life of our hospitals and the lives of the people they encounter.


To the Volunteers at Hillcrest Medical Center: Thank you!

If you ask Mary Ann Parker, 70, why she has been escorting patients around the halls of Hillcrest Medical Center for the past 27 years, she’ll tell you it all started when she was sitting in her own wheelchair.  As a young patient, Mary Ann still remembers how she felt being led down hospital hallways.  With every Hillcrest patient Mary Ann transports, she knows her number one job is to ease their concerns.   “You feel like you are helping people in a situation they may not be comfortable in”, Mary Ann explains.  “I make sure



“Hillcrest Medical Center Auxiliary is organized to use the sensitivities, knowledge, and abilities of present and future members to serve, promote, and enhance Hillcrest Medical Center in a manner that is satisfying to the individual, the Auxiliary, Hillcrest, and the Community”