Hillcrest Stroke Coordinator Lisa Hollett - “Time is brain.”

A stroke can strike anyone at any time. Every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. suffers a stroke. As many as 26 Oklahomans are hospitalized each day with a stroke and unfortunately, our state tops the list of adults in the U.S. reporting having had a stroke - 4.2 percent. On the front lines striking back – Lisa Hollett, BSN, MA, RN. Lisa brings more than 30 years nursing experience in EMS, critical care, trauma, and education to her new role as Stroke Coordinator at Hillcrest Medical Center.


When Stroke Strikes – Rehab at 48

Ted Cole’s life changed overnight. Friday, May 2, 2014, he went to bed more tired than usual. “He hadn’t slept well for two nights and I thought he was worn out tired, because he was still talking fine – he just sounded tired,” recalls his wife Pam. Ted, 48, finishes her thought, “I wasn’t clumsy either.”


Kaiser Rehabilitation Center Celebrates 40 Years

The first rehabilitation hospital in Tulsa opened its doors April 23, 1972 on the campus of Hillcrest Medical Center.  Tulsa Rehabilitation Center, as it was called then, was the first hospital in the region dedicated to inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation of patients who had suffered from stroke, brain injuries and other debilitating conditions and illnesses.




Today's Generation of Teens at Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Lifestyle is one of the main building blocks for health.  What you do today can affect your health for years to come.  For that reason a recent report from the CDC is stirring up quite a bit of concern pertaining to teens’ health.  According to the CDC, the number of teens 12 – 19 years old who are diabetic or pre-diabetic has jumped from 9 percent (1999 – 2000) to 23 percent (2007 – 2008) in less than a decade.  What is more troubling, diabetes is one of the controllable

Kaiser Rehabilitation Center

Kaiser Rehabilitation Center offers a wide range of services to help people regain function and independence after a debilitating injury or illness.