Stressed? Anxious? National Donut Day and the Reason We Crave Sweets.

What is more American than National Donut Day? The first Friday of June, has emerged as the holiday encouraging Americans to eat up the sweet treat, with several establishments throughout the country offering a free donut for patrons. While enticing, most of us are aware that donuts aren’t exactly healthy, right?


Dealing with Depression During the Holidays

While a popular Christmas song boasts “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, the holidays can be anything but for those battling depression. This may be the first holiday season following the loss of a loved one or the off-year for children of divorce visiting the other parent. Stress and depression during the holidays can be crippling, isolating and make a difficult situation even worse. Here are some suggestions to proactively ward off the debilitating effects of depression this holiday season.

What Gets You Down during the Holidays?


Health Tip: Overcoming Obstacles to Exercise

Life's problems often get in the way of your best intentions when it comes to exercise.  However, a few simple adjustments in your schedule and thinking towards exercise can help incorporate exercise into your daily life, no matter what bumps along the road you may encounter.

The American Council on Exercise offers these possible solutions to combatting exercise "saboteurs":

  • When you're stressed out, schedule time for even a very short workout. Exercise is a great way to fight intense stress, the council says.