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Can We Wipe Out Heart Attacks?

That is a bold question, but one being addressed by researchers today.  According to recent trials, the answer could be yes.  With heart disease being the number one killer in our country, responsible for 25% of US  deaths every year, wiping out heart attacks is a substantial consideration to the health of our nation.

Start with a Large Single-Site Study


Hospital Week at Hillcrest Medical Center

As we celebrate Hospital Week at Hillcrest Medical Center, we have an opportunity to reflect upon some of the accomplishments of 2012.  These milestones at Hillcrest Medical Center serve as reminders of advancements in technology and care available to the patients whom we serve.  We offer dedicated quality care for our patients, and in doing so maintain a commitment to providing leading technology and procedures to improve patient outcomes and overall experience.


To the Volunteers at Hillcrest Medical Center: Thank you!

If you ask Mary Ann Parker, 70, why she has been escorting patients around the halls of Hillcrest Medical Center for the past 27 years, she’ll tell you it all started when she was sitting in her own wheelchair.  As a young patient, Mary Ann still remembers how she felt being led down hospital hallways.  With every Hillcrest patient Mary Ann transports, she knows her number one job is to ease their concerns.   “You feel like you are helping people in a situation they may not be comfortable in”, Mary Ann explains.  “I make sure


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