heart disease

Why you should care about your heart health today.

February is National Heart Month – the time we are reminded heart disease is the number one killer of both women and men. But when do we think about our own heart health? Do we wait until we hear the words, “You’ve had a heart attack.” Or do we begin to think about making lifestyle changes when we can’t get our blood pressure and cholesterol numbers under control, even with medication?


Cooking with Consideration – Hosting Thanksgiving for Guests with Dietary Needs

Vegan, gluten-free, low sodium, vegetarian, food allergies, diabetes – words that throw a wrench in the best-planned Thanksgiving menu, if you are not cooking with consideration for guests who have special dietary needs or requests. For people with heart disease to food intolerances or dietary preferences, pulling up to the Thanksgiving table can be intimidating, confusing and even scary, “Are those walnuts in the stuffing?”. To have a truly welcoming Thanksgiving dinner, understand the needs of your guests and plan accordingly.

Food Allergies


Are we poisoning ourselves and our children with too much sugar?

One of the big health discussions in the news this week is about a story which aired on 60 Minutes Sunday.  Popular medical journalist Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviewed Dr. Robert Lustig, professor of clinical pediatrics and endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco.  Dr.


Emergency Care

What to Expect When the Unexpected Occurs

You're in good hands at Hillcrest Medical Center's Emergency Department (ED). Our physicians have extensive experience in Emergency Medicine, as well as caring for patients with sudden illness or injury. Our ED nurses have advanced training in trauma, heart disease, pediatrics, and special needs of the elderly.