We are helping to change the lives of cancer patients through CancerFIT (Cancer Funtional Independence Training), a new program offered by Hillcrest Exercise & Lifestyle Programs. 
Join the growing movement in cancer care, cancer rehab. 

Mission: To change your life by improving your physical and emotional wellbeing.

CancerFIT is a 12-week supervised group program designed specifically for those diagnosed with cancer. Our class meets Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and provides cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises as well as stress management and other related educational sessions.
If you would benefit from one or more of the things on this list, call us about joining our program:

> Improve endurance and cardiovascular conditioning
> Increase muscular strength and stamina
> Improve joint range of motion
> Decrease pain
> Lessen fatigue and stress
> Improve immune function
> Increase bone density
> Manage lymphedema
> Improve physical function
> Improve balance and coordination
> Improve quality of life
> Decrease psychological distress

Cost - $50 per month, only $12.50 per week!

Nutritional consultations are also available with our Registered Dietitian which is a separate service often covered by your insurance.  We’ll help you determine coverage and any costs that may apply to you.

To participate in CancerFIT or to see our dietitian, a physician order is required.  If you have questions please call us 918.579.4959.