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Hillcrest Receives Oklahoma Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative Award

Sixteen Oklahoma hospitals, including the Peggy V. Helmerich Women's Health Center at Hillcrest Medical Center, recently received awards for their perinatal quality improvement efforts from the Oklahoma Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative. The awards were presented at the first annual summit of the collaborative in Midwest City. Approximately 200 providers of maternal and infant care came together at the event to discuss continued efforts to improve outcomes for Oklahoma mothers and babies, and to celebrate success from their ongoing work. 


Pastoral Care Celebrating 50 Years at Hillcrest Medical Center

“When you think back to 1964 for a community hospital to have a pastoral care program and chapel with stained glass windows, a Catholic pulpit and a Jewish menorah on the wall, that was pretty progressive,” says Director of Hillcrest Pastoral Care Program Chaplain Ron Nofziger.


Career in Nursing Nearly Sidelined by Knee Pain

The pain in Tamie McDermott's knee worsened to the point she feared she would not be able to be a nurse any longer. When her doctor referred her to The Othropeadic Center's Dr. Yogesh Mittal, she learned about a new procedure available at Hillcrest Medical Center, which helped calm her fears. It was perfect timing for Tamie. She shares her story of her career in nursing nearly sidelined by knee pain and how MAKOplasty partial knee replacement helped get her back to doing what she loves. 


Hillcrest President Accepts ALS Challenge

It is a powerful, fast-moving challenge sweeping across social media newsfeeds throughout the country. From friends and neighbors to A-list celebrities, ice buckets are pouring over the heads of Americans raising both awareness and money for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).


MAKOplasty Partial Knee Replacement to Get Back to What You Love

Georgia Ladd loves spending time in her garden, but as her knee pain worsened, she was no longer able to enjoy her favorite hobby. That's when Georgia knew it was time to call Dr.


Reducing Fatigue from Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment with Yoga

If you or someone you know has battled breast cancer with radiation treatment, then you are aware of one of the most common side effects of treatment – fatigue. It is a different kind of fatigue than those who are not currently under treatment for cancer experience in that is does not subside after rest and sleep. Typically fatigue from radiation treatment is so severe it can affect all areas of a patient’s life, leaving them too tired to take part in their normal daily lives.


Staying Active with MAKOplasty Partial Knee Replacement

Bret Nyander, 55, did not want to wait until he was "too old" to fix the pain in his right knee. It was holding him back from an active lifestyle and enjoying walks with his wife. When his doctor referred him to Hillcrest Medical Center, Dr. Yogesh Mittal thought he would be a good candidate for a new procedure - MAKOplasty partial knee replacement. Bret shares his story of how he is getting back to being active and once again enjoying those walks with his wife.


Do you know your lung cancer risk?

Worried about your lung cancer risk? Lung cancer has been the leading cause of cancer deaths in men and women since 1987, and causes more deaths each year than colon, breast and pancreatic cancers combined. The diagnosis among men and women differs, however.


Stressed? Anxious? National Donut Day and the Reason We Crave Sweets.

What is more American than National Donut Day? The first Friday of June, has emerged as the holiday encouraging Americans to eat up the sweet treat, with several establishments throughout the country offering a free donut for patrons. While enticing, most of us are aware that donuts aren’t exactly healthy, right?


Hillcrest Stroke Coordinator Lisa Hollett - “Time is brain.”

A stroke can strike anyone at any time. Every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. suffers a stroke. As many as 26 Oklahomans are hospitalized each day with a stroke and unfortunately, our state tops the list of adults in the U.S. reporting having had a stroke - 4.2 percent. On the front lines striking back – Lisa Hollett, BSN, MA, RN. Lisa brings more than 30 years nursing experience in EMS, critical care, trauma, and education to her new role as Stroke Coordinator at Hillcrest Medical Center.