• Hillcrest Stroke Coordinator Lisa Hollett - “Time is brain.”

    A stroke can strike anyone at any time. Every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. suffers a stroke. As many as 26 Oklahomans are hospitalized each day with a stroke and unfortunately, our state tops the list of adults in the U.S. reporting having had a stroke - 4.2 percent. On the front lines striking back – Lisa Hollett, BSN, MA, RN. Lisa brings more than 30 years nursing experience in EMS, critical care, trauma, and education to her new role as Stroke Coordinator at Hillcrest Medical Center.

  • When Stroke Strikes – Rehab at 48

    Ted Cole’s life changed overnight. Friday, May 2, 2014, he went to bed more tired than usual. “He hadn’t slept well for two nights and I thought he was worn out tired, because he was still talking fine – he just sounded tired,” recalls his wife Pam. Ted, 48, finishes her thought, “I wasn’t clumsy either.”

  • Back in the Saddle with MAKOplasty Knee Replacement

    Charlsie Hummel, 63 enjoys nothing more than enjoying time with her family and her horses in Bristow, OK. She lives an active lifestyle - always on the go and always lending a hand to those in need. When knee pain stopped Charlsie's 50-year riding career in its tracks, she knew she had to do something. Her doctor referred her to Oklahoma Spine and Orthopedic Institute at Hillcrest, where she talked to Dr. Yogesh Mittal about a new procedure available to help her knee pain and get her riding again.

  • Behind the Scenes with Hillcrest PBX Operators

    Any time of the day or night, they are there - answering questions, getting people where they need to go and dispatching rapid response teams. PBX operators at Hillcrest truly keep the hospital going every time the phone rings. Today we are going behind the scenes to take a look into the daily operations of the PBX department as we recognize their dedication and work this National Telecommunicators' Week. 



  • Inside Volunteer @ Hillcrest with Louise Bush

    “Hillcrest Medical Center, how can I help you?” Louise Bush says with a comforting confidence as she answers the phone. “I started here on the information desk initially, 2 days a week – Thursdays and Fridays,” she explains. Over the last 27 years, Louise has given her time, compassion, understanding, and guidance to help patients and visitors at Hillcrest Medical Center as a volunteer. “People come in and some times they are terrified, because they are going to have a procedure or someone they love is going to have a procedure.

  • Volunteer @ Hillcrest

    At Hillcrest, changing lives is not limited to our patients and healthcare providers. Our more than 525 volunteers are also changing lives: changing the spirits of a patient, the day of an employee and the life of a hospital - all by simply being there. With every smile, every conversation they begin, directions they give, paperwork they file, baby booties they knit, patient they transport, flower arrangement they design, and mail they deliver—our volunteers are leaving a unique imprint upon the life of our hospitals and the lives of the people they encounter.

  • Reduce Your Risk of Developing High Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects one in three American adults. The reason this concerns health care providers is due to the role high blood pressure plays in magnifying patients’ risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke and heart failure. You may think you have nothing to worry about, because you don’t notice any signs or symptoms of high blood pressure, but the truth is there are often no warning signs with high blood pressure.

  • Why you should care about your heart health today.

    February is National Heart Month – the time we are reminded heart disease is the number one killer of both women and men. But when do we think about our own heart health? Do we wait until we hear the words, “You’ve had a heart attack.” Or do we begin to think about making lifestyle changes when we can’t get our blood pressure and cholesterol numbers under control, even with medication?

  • Ready to eat? Super Bowl Ranks a Top Day for Calorie Consumption

    Last year, more than 108 million people tuned into the Super Bowl. While some devoted fans sat on the edge of their seat watching play by play, many of us gathered around the buffet table featuring an endless supply of dips, chips, desserts, and of course, pizza. With our craving for football, fun and friends has come an insatiable appetite for food…and a lot of it.

  • Young and living with knee pain? It could be osteoarthritis.

    Most people think osteoarthritis strikes later in life and any knee pain or discomfort when you are young and active is something that will go away on its own. If you are not getting relief from chronic knee pain following rest and anti-inflammatory medication, it could be the onset of osteoarthritis. Brought on by genetics, obesity, strenuous exercise, or injury, experts say osteoarthritis is developing earlier in life – around the age of 56 versus 72 in the 1990s.